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Porter Cable C2002

Bulking little more than a backpack and weighing no more than fully loaded suitcase, Porter Cable's portable air compressors are ideal for the home handyman who needs some air pressure for running basic tools that make their projects far easier. Though they aren't strong enough for commercial use – and aren't intended for such extremely demanding tasks in the first place – their light weight and decent air pressure suit them marvelously to the everyday uses most people put them to.

An excellent example is the Porter-Cable C2002-WK Oil-Free UMC Pancake Compressor with 13-piece Accessory Kit. This compressor is aimed at the home user and provides enough air pressure to handle nearly any task you care to throw at it – from operating a nail gun (again, not on a commercial basis, which would quickly wear out the compressor's motor), to compressed air cleaning projects, to filling the tires on vehicles or spraying paint when you decide to give your kitchen a fresh new look.

The Porter-Cable C2002 packs a 6 gallon air tank and an impressive maximum pressure of 150 psi (pounds per square inch) into an easily portable package that features a sturdy carrying handle. The compressor weighs just 32 pounds, meaning that an average adult can easily carry it from place to place and use it in otherwise hard to reach spots, such as an attic reached by a ladder or a crawlspace.

The “pancake” shape of the tank helps to make this device much more stable, as do the surface-gripping rubber feet on the underside, so that it is far less likely to tip over at a crucial moment. Users report that they are pleased with the Porter-Cable C2002 pancake compressor's stability, though it should be tied down securely if transported in a vehicle, just like any other piece of equipment, to prevent it falling over or getting battered about during the trip.

The six gallon tank makes projects quicker – since air pressure is reliable over a long period of time – and also helps the mechanism run more quietly, since it doesn't need to continually refill a smaller tank. The 150 psi is usually unnecessary for many tasks, but it does make driving nails in hardwood easier for those who have a nail gun, including nails in the 3” to 4” range.

This air compressor also recovers quickly when you exhaust the air in the tank. The compressor is rated at 2.6 standard cubic feet per minute (2.6 SCFM) at 90 psi, meaning that it takes 18 to 19 seconds to refill the air tank if it is completely empty (6 gallons = .8 cubic feet).  

On top of these basic features, the compressor also includes two hose couplers, sturdy design, and various additional details that help to keep the device in running order for years with normal use and care.  There is a console cover and shroud that can be placed over these portions of the machine in order to keep it safe when not in use or while you are carrying it.  

If you live in a cold climate, you know how difficult it can sometimes be to start an engine – but the motor in the C2002 is designed to start easily even in the cold winter conditions of Alaska, Minnesota, or Wisconsin, and can be jump-started with an extension cord if necessary.

These features clearly illustrate that Porter-Cable went to great lengths to ensure that the C2002 pancake compressor provides top-notch performance for home users and occasional backup for a handyman. The oil-free motor ensures lesser maintenance requirements, though you should break in the motor exactly as the manual describes to keep your air compressor functioning for as long and smoothly as possible. All in all, the device is a thoroughly engineered and extremely well thought out compressor for all your casual and semi-casual home projects.